Dynamic data import / export


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Table of Content


The FlowHeater data types
Designer, the simple graphical user interface
The Runtime Designer
DoWork - Executes and tests Definition sets
Batch module, Executes Definition sets automatically and at scheduled times
The FlowHeater Server
General information about usage of Adapters
General information about usage of Functions (Heater)
Parameter, Dynamic data import/export Definition files


TextFile Adapter
Excel Adapter
XML Adapter
InMemory Adapter
Access Adapter
SQL Server Adapter, supports also Microsoft Azure SQL databases
MySQL Adapter, supports also MariaDB databases
PostgreSQL Adapter
SQLite Adapter
Oracle Adapter
ODBC Adapter
OleDB Adapter
TestData Adapter
.NET DataTable Adapter

Common Heater / Functions

Clone Heater, copying, cloning and duplicating fields
X-Value Heater, Setting a static value
Guid Heater, Globally Unique Identifier
Null Heater, Setting database fields to NULL or DBNULL
TestData Heater, Creating random test data during the transformation
Lookup Heater, Selecting fields from database tables
SQL Heater, Executing user-defined SQL statements
File Heater, import/export files
Path Heater, forming and extracting file names and paths
Base64 Heater, encode/decode 8-bit binary data
CMD Heater, executing an external script or program
Hash Heater – calculate cryptographic hash values

String Heater / Functions

Trim - TrimStart - TrimEnd Heater, removing white space characters
Append Heater, concatenating strings
ToLower - ToUpper Heater, converting strings to lower and upper case letters
Format Heater, applying non-standard format changes to fields
SubString Heater, extracting substrings from a string
Replace Heater, substituting parts of a string
Length Heater - determining the length of a string
Split Heater, extracting a substring using delimiters
Reverse Heater, reversing the sequence of characters in a string
RegEx Heater - using regular expressions
IndexOf Heater, determine the position within a string
Occur Heater, count how often a character/sequence occurs

Number Heater / Functions

Addition - Subtraction - Multiplication - Division Heater
AutoID Heater, generating consecutive numbers
Round Heater, rounding decimal fractions to a chosen accuracy
Min - Max Heater, finding the smallest or highest from a list of numeric values
Modulo Heater, determine the residual value

DateTime Heater / Functions

Now Heater, obtaining the current date and time
Year - Month - Day - Hour - Minute - Second Heater, extracting parts of a date / time field
AddDays Heater - Calculations on date and time fields
DaysDiff Heater - Calculating the difference between date and time values

Extended Heater / Functions

If-Then-Else Heater,defining conditions
.NET Script Heater, dynamic .NET Script Code
Filter Heater, filtering data during the transformation
GroupBy Heater, grouping several records to one
GroupOut Heater, duplicating or copying records / rows
Sort Heater, sorting records / rows during the transformation
Parameter Heater, setting and retrieving parameter values
Stop-Heater, Controlled termination or abort of a Definition execution
System Heater, retrieving current system information
Message Heater, user-defined notifications