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Stop-heater, Controlled termination or abort of a Definition execution

Stop HeaterThe Stop Heater enables you to prematurely terminate or abort the run of an import/export Definition in a controlled manner. The Heater requires an incoming parameter as the termination condition. For example, the termination condition can be defined using an IF-THEN-ELSE Heater or a .NET Script Heater. If the Stop Heater receives TRUE, the import/export run is terminated.

Stop Heater configuration
Stop Heater configuration

There are two options available.

  • normal termination after a given number of processed rows/records
  • immediate termination with an error message


When for "normal termination" the number of rows is zero (X = 0), then processing terminates with the current row. In this case no further processing is done on the current row.

X = 1 means that processing of the current row is completed before the import/export run is terminated.

X = 2 means that the current row and the next row is processed prior to termination.

X = 3 ...

If you select the “immediate termination with an error message” option the import/export process stops straight away with the error message you enter here. In case the Adapter on the WRITE side supports database transactions, a rollback will be executed.


Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)


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