Dynamic data import / export


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Filter Heater, filtering data during the transformation

Filter Heater

Using the Filter Heater you can actively intervene in the import/export process. There are two different ways to filter data available:

Filter records out
Filter records out

By an IF-THEN-ELSE condition) In this case the Filter Heater expects the result of an IF-THEN-ELSE Heater. If the condition defined there is met (YES / TRUE) the current record or line is filtered out. When the condition is not met (NO / FALSE) the current record continues to be processed.

Filter duplicates out) This option enables you to exclude repeated records in the data source. There is no need to sort the incoming data for this. In order to discriminate whether a record is a duplicate, you must connect the READ fields with the Filter Heater to identify the data record uniquely. Several fields given as input will combine to form a Unique Key.

Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)