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Trim - TrimStart - TrimEnd Heater, removing white space characters

Trim Heater, Removing white space charactersThe Trim, TrimStart and TrimEnd Heaters are used to remove unwanted white space (invisible characters, notably spaces, but also tabs and end paragraph) characters from the beginning and/or the end of strings. For strings originating from certain database text fields (char, nchar, ...) or lines from text report files with fixed column widths, for example, it is often necessary to eliminate space characters prior to subsequent processing and for efficient eventual storage. In such cases, the Trim, TrimStart, and TrimEnd Heaters are most useful.

Trim (..T..) Removes all white space from the beginning and the end of a string

TrimStart (..T) Removes white space only from the beginning of a string

TrimEnd (T..) Removes white space only from the end of a string

Note: Only the white space characters before the first and/or after the last occurrence of visible character are removed. All intermediate spaces in the string remain unchanged. Tip: Should you also wish to remove such intermediate spaces in a string, you could use the Replace Heater to substitute spaces with an empty replacement.


Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)