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Round Heater, rounding decimal fractions to a chosen accuracy

Round HeaterThe Round Heater rounds numeric values to a given number of decimal places.

Internal calculations are always performed to double precision in FlowHeater. This means that during calculation operations, there is no rounding of intermediate values. However, should it be necessary to round numbers to a particular accuracy before or after certain stages in a calculation, you can achieve this with the Round Heater.


Round Heater, config dialog
Round Heater, config dialog


ValueDecimal placesRounded
1.546 2 1.55
1.5 0 2
1.4 0 1
1.544 2 1.54

Tip: If you wish to truncate a decimal input, thereby ignoring any fraction, no Heater is actually required. To do this you simply define the data type on the WRITE side as INT.

Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)


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