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Base64 Heater, encode/decode 8-bit binary data

Base64 HeaterWith the Base64 Heater it is possible to encode 8-bit binary data such as images, executable programs, ZIP archives, etc. and decode them back again. The Base64 Heater supports text files too. In this case you must simply select a Codepage to apply for the encoding/decoding.


Base64 Heater - ConfigurationBase64 Heater - ConfigurationCodepage: If your data exists as text, you can specify here what Codepage applies before or after the encoding/decoding to interpret the text correctly.


Encode (values -> Base64): When this option is checked the incoming values are transformed into a Base64 string. By default a very long string is formed, without any line breaks. If you also check the supplementary option “Insert line breaks” then after every 76 characters a line break is added.

Decode (Base64 -> values): If you check this alternative option, the incoming values (a string in Base64 format) are decoded. In order to return the values in binary form you must also check the supplementary option “return RAW data (byte array)”. When this option is unchecked the Base64 Heater will decode the Base64 string into normal text in accordance with the Codepage specified above.


Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)