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Hash Heater, calculate cryptographic hash values

Heater HashThe Hash Heater makes it possible to calculate cryptographic hash values. The following hash algorithms are available: “MD5”, “SHA1”, “SHA256”, “SHA384” and “SHA512”. The Hash Heater supports the calculation of hash values of strings (FlowHeater data type STRING) and binary data (FlowHeater data type RAW). In the case of character strings, it is also possible to select the character set (Codepage) to apply.

Note: In conjunction with the File Heater, hash values of files can be calculated.


Heater Hash ConfigurationHeater Hash ConfigurationHash algorithm: Select the hash algorithm to be used for the calculation.

Codepage: If you want to calculate hash values from character strings, you can select the Codepage or character set used for the calculation. Note: This setting is ignored if binary data is handed to the Hash Heater (FlowHeater data type RAW), e.g. from the File Heater or from a BINARY field in a database.

Output format: Here you can choose whether the calculated hash value should be returned in lower case or in upper case (default).

Notes: Under this tab you can store your own notes. The notes are displayed in the Designer as a ToolTip text as soon as you place the mouse over the Heater.

Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)