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AddDays Heater - Calculations on date and time fields

heater-date-time-addThe AddDays Heater allows you to add to and subtract values from date and time values. When the value to add is positive, it is added, but when negative, it is subtracted from the date/time value.


Calculations on date and time fields
Calculations on date and time fields


By adjusting the settings in the configuration popup for the Heater, you can modify the default specification, which is to calculate days. Alternatives available are: year, month, day, hour, minute and second.

Example: You enter the value 5 and configure the Heater for month; this causes the incoming date/time value to have 5 months added to it.

The text input field gives you the possibility of entering a static number or alternatively specify a Parameter (placeholder).

Note: Using Parameters it is possible to define dynamic values that are derived from other import/export fields.


Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)