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Optimizations, fixes and announcing the REST/JSON Adapters

This version introduces a number of optimizations, improvements and minor fixes. It also establishes a foundation for the soon to be available REST API and JSON Adapters. These Adapters can be used to process JSON files and structures or to invoke HTTP REST API functions. Both Adapters are presently still in ALPHA and for this reason are not included in the official release. If you want to test these Adapters you need to use the current developer BETA version.

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MySQL Adapter supports login with SSL/TLS client certificate

As of this release, MySQL Adapter supports encrypted login to a MySQL database using SSL/TLS client certificates. An SSL/TLS certificate with private key is required. The necessary parameters such as public key, private key and certificate authority (CA) must be available as separate files in PEM format. If this is not the case, the data can be extracted from an existing PFX certificate file. OpenSSL, for example, can be used for this purpose.

Note: The MySQL database must of course be configured to support an SSL/TLS login.

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Excel Adapter with support for multiple sheets

Excel Adapter - multiple sheet supportExcel Adapter - multiple sheet supportIt is often the case that several worksheets have to be processed from an Excel workbook. Until now, these had to be addressed more or less manually using the Designer or by means of the Batch Module with a static CMD script file. If Excel worksheets were added or removed from the workbook, the CMD script had to be manually adapted to the new conditions before running.

This tedious manual effort has largely been eliminated. As of this version, when specifying the worksheet to be processed in the Excel Adapter, asterisk can be used as a wildcard operator. This means that by simply specifying "*", all worksheets in the Excel workbook will be processed, or for example "Report_*" to select only certain worksheets that match this wildcard pattern.

The data of the individual Excel worksheets are read as if they were one contiguous worksheet. The individual worksheets must of course share the same format. The System Heater can be used to discover the current worksheet name during the Excel export. Thus, the individual Excel worksheets can be recognized and classified during the import process.

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