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Path Heater, forming and extracting file names and paths

heater pathThe Path Heater allows you to flexibly compose paths and filenames and/or extract specific components of a path specification. The Heater will assemble a complete path and filename when given several inputs, following the sequence in which they are supplied. These individual components of the path are joined with the backslash character “\” as a separator.

Note: When joining paths to combine several inputs, any existing backslash characters that would be duplicated by the insertion of extra separators are automatically eliminated.


Path Heater - configurationPath Heater - configurationSpecific parts of the path specification that are passed or composed can subsequently be extracted. These are:

Complete (absolute) path: The absolute device and path is returned.

File name: Extracts the file name part of the path specification, complete with extension.

File name without extension: Extracts the file name part of the path specification, without extension.

Extension (such as .csv): Returns the file name extension (file type) including the dot prefix, e.g.“.csv”

Folder (directory) name: Delivers the underlying folder name.


Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)