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Adapter Excel

The MS Excel Adapter is responsible for the import/export of Microsoft Excel® files (XLS, XLSX, XLSM). The Adapter supports MS Excel (Office) versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Important: The FlowHeater Excel Adapter requires one of these versions of Excel installed and fully operational on your computer. Note that a valid Microsoft Excel license is also a requirement and this is not supplied as a part of FlowHeater.


Excel Adapter: Choose Workbook
Excel Adapter: Choose Workbook

General tab

Here you enter the path and filename (absolute or relative) of the MS Excel Workbook. If the Adapter is presently used in FlowHeater on the WRITE (right hand) side, you can additionally confirm whether a potentially existing Excel file should be overwritten.

Should the Excel file be protected by a password, you can optionally enter the password here. If you also want the password to be stored, it is necessary to also check the option "Save Password". Note: All passwords are saved in encrypted form in the Definition file.

When the Excel Adapter is used in FlowHeater on the WRITE side (right hand side), you can configure the following additional options:

  1. Overwrite if file already exists: This determines whether or not the Excel Adapter should overwrite an existing Excel file.
  2. Append data to a worksheet: If this option is checked, the data is added to the end of an existing Excel table. FlowHeater automatically searches for the last used entry in the specified area and begins to write data from this point on in the Excel table/worksheet. Note: The option is only available from version 2.x.

The "Test opening" button enables you to verify whether the Excel file can be opened properly or not.


Excel Adapter: Field properties
Excel Adapter: Field properties

Fields / Data types tab

Worksheet: Here you can select from the Excel table sheet names. By default, the name of the first sheet is shown. As an alternative to sheet names you can also refer to them by index number (1-n).

First row contains field names: Checking this option tells the Excel Adapter to obtain or create field names in the first row of the specified range.

Columns/Rows from/to: Here you specify the range of cells from where the data is to be input or where in the output sheet it is to be written. Note: if no value is entered for "to" here, the Excel Adapter continues to read or write until no further data is found. Completely empty rows are always skipped.

Fields Read: This button will extract the field names and data types from the Excel worksheet for the range specified. The fields list is refreshed when you click this button.

Note about Numeric and date/time fields: At present all numeric entries are assigned the FlowHeater Decimal data type (with decimal places) and all dates and times are assigned the FlowHeater DateTime data type. After loading the fields list, please check manually and if necessary reassign the data types for these fields.


Adapter settings in the Format tab

The use of the Format tab is described in detail under general information about the usage of Adapters




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