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X-Value Heater, Setting a static value

X-Value HeaterYou can insert any desired static value at any point in the Definition using the X-Value Heater. This Heater has no incoming data. With a double click on the Heater icon a popup opens where you enter the static value.


X-Value Heater - insert a static valueX-Value Heater - insert a static valueMultiple line entries: If you check this option it is possible to specify multiple lines. The maximum size of the text is ‘theoretically’ limited to 2 GB.

Note: The X-Value Heater also supports FlowHeater Parameters and system environment variables in the text field.

e.g. “The Temp folder is located at %TEMP%“

In this case when it is run the content of system environment variable %TEMP% is dynamically inserted. If instead of an environment variable you wish to use a FlowHeater Parameter these must be embedded in dollar signs. e.g. $Parametername$

Warning: If you enter a value such as 100,12 in the X-Value Heater and have selected "English (USA)" as the locale in the standard format settings for the WRITE Adapter, then FlowHeater will interpret this as the number 10012, because in this locale commas in numbers are treated as ignorable, in contrast to a German locale, where a comma denotes a decimal point.


Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)