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Guid Heater, Globally Unique Identifier

Guid HeaterTo generate a Globally Unique Identifier during a transformation process you can use the GUID Heater. This Heater has no input parameters and the output is always one newly generated GUID. GUIDs are most commonly used during database replications.

Note: GUIDs are otherwise treated as normal STRING data types within FlowHeater.


Heater GUID - ConfigurationHeater GUID - ConfigurationIn the configuration popup window you can determine when the GUID Heater should generate each new GUID. The following options are available.

Only once per Definition run: When you check this option, the GUID is generated whenever a run is started of the Definition and for each record/row processed the same GUID value is returned.

New GUID for each record/row: This option is the default action. In this case, a new GUID is generated for each record/row processed.


Output format

Using the output format dropdown you can select the layout of the GUID generated. The following format options are available.


Format  Example
 32 characters  f19c0c23c5334f1483e067cc53148537
 32 characters separated by dashes (default)  f19c0c23-c533-4f14-83e0-67cc53148537
 32 characters separated by dashes and enclosed in braces  {f19c0c23-c533-4f14-83e0-67cc53148537}
 32 characters separated by dashes and enclosed in brackets  (f19c0c23-c533-4f14-83e0-67cc53148537)
 Hex values with partial values enclosed in braces  {0xf19c0c23,0xc533,0x4f14,{0x83,0xe0,0x67,0xcc,0x53,0x14,0x85,0x37}}

At the bottom of the window there is an option to select whether lower case (default) or upper case characters are used in the hex values returned.

Please also refer to the general information on the use of Heaters (functions)