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Up to 100,000 records can be processed with the freeware version!

New Version 3 available

Release notes for version 3.0.0 on March 16, 2013


New product: Runtime Designer

We were frequently asked: How can I license FlowHeater for runtime use by my clients? Our latest product "Runtime Designer" effectively makes this problem a thing of the past. You can now create Definitions with the Runtime Designer that are fully functional including use of the Batch Module for your clients who only need to download our Freeware Version. In addition, your users can make changes with only mild restrictions to the Definition themselves. However, to protect your development from your clients making unauthorized changes each Runtime Definition is encrypted and password protected.

You will find further information and examples here: Help using Runtime Designer


Oracle Adapter with Direct Connection

The Oracle Adapter has been completely reworked and improved. What is new in this version is that a direct connection to an Oracle database can now be established without the need for a locally installed Oracle client.


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Support for Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server

Release notes for version 2.5.1 on December 3, 2012

As of this version, FlowHeater will now run under Windows 8* and Windows 2012 Server. Prerequisite for operation under Windows 8 or Windows 2012 Server is a preinstalled .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.5.

*) not under Windows 8 RT, in addition an x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit) processor is required.

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Powerful Software for Data Import, Export, and Conversion

Press release from November 8, 2012

FlowHeater GmbH has released FlowHeater Designer v. 2.5, a powerful Windows application that imports, dynamically converts, and exports data. Unlike complicated data conversion software, FlowHeater Designer offers a simple way to transfer data between all popular database formats. Your programming staff can train your end-users to do much of the design and conversion work. Using an intuitive graphical user interface to define the modifications needed to transform your data, you simply move it from place to place. FlowHeater Designer streamlines data conversion, and eliminates cost overruns and missed deadlines.

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Further Adapters available: SQLite and PostgreSQL

Release notes for version 2.5.0 on October 6, 2012


Support for SQLite and PostgreSQL databases

This version of extends FlowHeater by introducing two further Adapters for the import/export of SQLite and PostgreSQL databases. The new Adapters support database server version 3 of SQLite and versions 8.x and 9.x of PostgreSQL.

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TextFile Adapter with support for header and footer rows

Release notes for version 2.4.1 on August 20, 2012


TextFile Adapter with support for header and footer rows

Based on FlowHeater parameters, header and footer rows on CSV text files can now also be processed with the TextFile Adapter.


Addition Heater with total accumulated for the whole run

This function enables the sum total of a complete run to be accumulated. An example of the possible uses of the feature includes calculating a total for the header and/or footer rows of CSV files or flat file reports.

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