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Up to 100,000 records can be processed with the freeware version!

FlowHeater Server available

FlowHeater Server ManagerFlowHeater Server ManagerAt last, the anxiously awaited first FlowHeater Server Version has now been released. The features of FlowHeater Server include running scheduled and event triggered automated tasks without the need for user login. High levels of flexibility were the focus during development, for this reason not only can FlowHeater Definition files be executed, there is also support for EXE files  as well as scripts with extensions CMD, BAT und PS1 (=Power Shell).

FlowHeater Server is scalable from the “lowly” workstation to the high-performance server with multiple processors.

FlowHeater Server is automatically licensed with a valid Company License (Standard or Runtime) and so can be used for free.

Release notes for version 4.0.6 on November 5, 2016

Other Changes

AddDays Heater exceptions by days of the week

In a similar manner to the DaysDiff Heater, it is now also possible with the AddDays Heater to specify particular days of the week and a list of specific dates to skip when calculating the date offset. For example, if you wish to add 20 working days to a given date, by ignoring all weekends and public holidays.

Replace Heater supports Parameter for entering the CSV Lookup file

The String Replace Heater now allows FlowHeater Parameter and system environment variables as placeholders in the CSV Lookup file of replacements.

Bug Fixes

  • TextFile Adapter: dynamic CSV column recognition failed to detect the quotation marks character (not the column delimiter) in column names.

  • Batch Module: When it was specified in the Definition that before importing a spreadsheet table should be emptied, when run using the Batch Module with the option /ReadFileName and a wildcard file specification, instead only before the first file processed it cleared the spreadsheet before every file. After the import process had finished only the content of last CSV file was left in the spreadsheet. The problem has now been resolved.


Release notes for version on December 11, 2016 

This update mainly implements some minor corrections and improvements to FlowHeater Server. It is now possible to start tasks defined in the FlowHeater Server by hand. This makes it much easier to find the cause of problems when tasks do not run as expected. For example, in FlowHeater Server Manager you can now view a display of the live results of programs as they run.

  • SubString Heater with reversal of the search sequence. You can now extract substrings backwards from the end

  • TextFile Adapter with automatic Codepage recognition of UTF/Unicode files with BOM (byte order mark)