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Bug fixed: Excel Adapter and variant MS Excel language versions!

Release notes for version 1.2.4 on October 11, 2010



  • Bug fixed: Excel Adapter and variant MS Excel language versions!
    In a posting in the support forum a minor problem was reported with the Excel Adapter when used in a mixed language environment with different language versions of operating system and MS Office. In this particular case, with Windows XP in Italian and an English version of Office installed. If an Excel import or export were attempted, it would give the error message: "Old Format or Invalid Type Library ". If you should encounter this problem, you can workaround the problem from this version on by editing the registry entry


    Create a new value here with the name "ExcelLanguage" and type STRING. The value you enter depends on the Excel/Office language version actually installed on your computer. In the case above it is likely to be either en-GB or en-US. After editing this and restarting FlowHeater you will be able to run Excel import/exports.


Bug fixed: CSV text delimiter

Release notes for version 1.2.0 on August 02, 2010



  • Integrating external .NET DLLs into the .NET Script Heater
    In this way the functionality of FlowHeater can be extended almost as much as you like. The functions/methods/classes of external .NET DLLs can be dynamically  integrated and invoked with the help of the .NET Script Heater. A brief introductory example of doing this can be downloaded here.

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MySQL Adapter with improved UTF8 (Unicode) support

Release notes for version 1.1.8 on Jun 12, 2010



  • MySQL Adapter with improved UTF8 (Unicode) support
    The UTF8 (Unicode) import/export/update in MySQL Server tables now also functions with MySQL database servers that are incorrectly configured. Note: UTF8 / Unicode character sets are only supported by MySQL Server versions of 5 and above.

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