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Bug fixed: CSV text delimiter

Release notes for version 1.2.0 on August 02, 2010



  • Integrating external .NET DLLs into the .NET Script Heater
    In this way the functionality of FlowHeater can be extended almost as much as you like. The functions/methods/classes of external .NET DLLs can be dynamically  integrated and invoked with the help of the .NET Script Heater. A brief introductory example of doing this can be downloaded here.

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MySQL Adapter with improved UTF8 (Unicode) support

Release notes for version 1.1.8 on Jun 12, 2010



  • MySQL Adapter with improved UTF8 (Unicode) support
    The UTF8 (Unicode) import/export/update in MySQL Server tables now also functions with MySQL database servers that are incorrectly configured. Note: UTF8 / Unicode character sets are only supported by MySQL Server versions of 5 and above.

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ODBC Adapter with adjustable field separators

Release notes for version 1.0.4 on Nov 28, 2009



  • ODBC Adapter with adjustable field separators
    Some ODBC data sources permit space and special characters in table names and field names. Previously such ODBC data sources could not be processed with the FlowHeater ODBC Adapter. In this version you can specify optional table and/or field separators in the FieldSeparators property under the ODBC Adapter properties.

    For example, if the [] character is given as the field separator, all tables and field names will be enclosed within pairs of this symbol.

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