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MySQL Adapter with zero DateTime support

Release notes for version 1.2.8 on December 6, 2010


MySQL Adapter with zero DateTime support

The MySQL Adapter in this version of FlowHeater now supports zero values (00.00.0000) in DateTime fields. Previously such DateTime values were interpreted as DBNULL/NULL values by FlowHeater. Depending on the MySQL server configuration, in many cases this resulted in the import/export process terminating with an error message. The latest version allows you to import and export DateTime values of zero without any problems.

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Simple, Powerful Data Conversion Application

Press release from November 29, 2010

FlowHeater GmbH has released FlowHeater Designer v. 1.2, a powerful Windows application that imports, dynamically converts, and exports data. Unlike complicated data conversion tools that require you to be - or hire - a programmer, FlowHeater Designer delivers a simple way to transfer data from one format to another. Using a simple graphical user interface to define the modifications needed to transform your data, you simply move it from place to place. By streamlining the data conversion function, FlowHeater Designer eliminates one of the major bottlenecks that cause cost- and time-overruns in many application development projects.

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Improved support for NULL database values

Release notes for version 1.2.6 on November 8, 2010


Improved support for NULL database values

Previously FlowHeater would only write the database values NULL or DBNULL when they were explicitly assigned with the NULL Heater. If a DBNULL value from a database table were imported into another, the resulting SQL Insert statement would not include the field and so it would obtain the default field value defined for the table. However, when a default value is lacking for the table field an automatic value of NULL or DBNULL would result. This approach was OK for Insert, but for Update statements it often led to confusion. If in cases where fields could contain NULL or DBNULL on the READ side with an Update, these had to be laboriously attached IF-THEN-ELSE conditions field-by-field and the NULL Heater assigned in each case. This procedure is no longer necessary with the latest release. NULL or DBNULL values are now transferred from the READ to the WRITE side verbatim.

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Bug fixed: Excel Adapter and variant MS Excel language versions!

Release notes for version 1.2.4 on October 11, 2010



  • Bug fixed: Excel Adapter and variant MS Excel language versions!
    In a posting in the support forum a minor problem was reported with the Excel Adapter when used in a mixed language environment with different language versions of operating system and MS Office. In this particular case, with Windows XP in Italian and an English version of Office installed. If an Excel import or export were attempted, it would give the error message: "Old Format or Invalid Type Library ". If you should encounter this problem, you can workaround the problem from this version on by editing the registry entry


    Create a new value here with the name "ExcelLanguage" and type STRING. The value you enter depends on the Excel/Office language version actually installed on your computer. In the case above it is likely to be either en-GB or en-US. After editing this and restarting FlowHeater you will be able to run Excel import/exports.


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