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MySQL Adapter supports spaces in field names

Release notes for version 2.0.4 on May 16, 2011


MySQL Adapter

The MySQL Adapter now permits space characters embedded in field names.

File Heater

In READ (import) mode, the File Heater can also cope with an HTTP URL as file location.

Length Heater

You can now determine the size of files read in using the File Heater with the Length Heater.

Bug Fix: If-Then-Else Heater

In the If-Then-Else Heater, when comparing with the option to ignore upper/lower case enabled in combination with the “=” operator, it always wrongly returned TRUE as a result.

Bug Fix: File Heater

File Heater in WRITE (export) mode: If there are no lines to be written, a warning is now given, whereas previously processing terminated with the error message "No data is available to write".