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Executing user-defined SQL statements

Release notes for version 2.2.1 on October 24, 2011


New SQL Heater

User-defined SQL statements can be executed with the help of the SQL Heater. In addition to simple SELECT statements substituting the Database Lookup Heater, you can also execute INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements. Dynamic SQL statements can be composed using placeholder parameters.

e.g. SELECT id from Product_Table where Product_Name = ‚$PRODUCTNAME$‘


Execution stage of .NET Script Heater selectable

The stage during the run at which the .NET Script Heater is executed can now be specified. The following alternatives are possible.

  • Standard: As previously, the code is run once each row/record, when an output value is requested.
  • Per row/record: The code is run before each row/record processed. This may sound similar to the standard setting, but this runs the code regardless of an output value. In this case an output connection for the Heater is optional.
  • Start: The code is executed before the Definition run starts.
  • Finish: The code is executed after the Definition run finishes.