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More dynamism with parameters

Release notes for version 2.2.0 on October 17, 2011


More dynamism with parameters

This version integrates a further level of flexibility and performance to FlowHeater. Parameters can now be defined and used in a variety of ways, for example in the Batch Module command line options /SetParameter Name=Value can be passed to FlowHeater.

e.g. FHBatch.exe /SetParameter DATABASE=Import-DB   YourDefinition.fhd

You can retrieve this value in the Definition using the new Parameter Heater or alternatively using a placeholder $DATABASE$ somewhere in the configuration. In the case of a database name, you would use it simply enter $DATABASE$ to substitute the value of the text field for the database name. You can use placeholder parameters almost anywhere that free text entry is offered. The Designer also offers you the possibility to define default values for parameters. As a simple example, you could checkout an import/export Definition in a testing environment, then when you are ready to go live, simply switch the relevant parameters.

e.g. FHBatch.exe /SetParameter DATABASE=production  /SetParameter Server=obelix  import-export.fhd


New Parameter Heater - to set/retrieve parameter values

The Parameter Heater lets you to set/modify or retrieve the current parameter values.


TextFile Adapter – faster performance in reading text files

The read rate of the TextFile Adapter has been significantly improved. In certain cases, the READ side may now work twice to five times quicker.


Bug Fix: MySQL Adapter

The “bad handshake” problem in the MySQL Adapter in use with MySQL Server 5.5 is now resolved.