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Database transactions

Release notes for version 2.0.6 on June 20, 2011


Database transactions

The WRITE Adapter property AutoCommitAfter allows you to control how FlowHeater builds import/update transactions when writing to a database.
  • 0 = a single transaction is used for the complete import/update process (default)
  • X = (a number) after each X rows are written, an AutoCommit is executed
  • -1 (new) no database transactions are used

The new (-1) option disables database transactions (each row is effectively committed as soon as it is written) and this is useful when used together with the ODBC Adapter or OleDB Adapter when the underlying ODBC/OleDB database or driver cannot cope with database transactions.


Definition / layer  comments

This simple but really useful extension is long awaited. The Definition and each of its individual layers can now be annotated with comments or descriptive notes. Many thanks for the suggestion for this enhancement in the German FlowHeater support forum.


Indication of whether from/to fields are connected across Definition layers

From/to fields arising from another Definition layer and whether a connection is already defined are now indicated more clearly in the Adapter field listing.

  • On the READ side the field names are shown in italics
  • On the WRITE side the field names are shown in both italics and gray. The reason for gray is because on the WRITE side a field can only be the target of one connection.


Bug fix: Heater/function drag & drop, original input parameter sequence retained

If a function (Heater) is dragged and dropped onto an existing connection (Pipe) and the connection formed part of several input parameters of another Heater, the new connection was always inserted as the last input parameter. As of this version, the original input parameter sequence is retained.