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Security and encrypted Definitions

In times when crimeware like Emotet, ransomware trojans and other malware are causing more and more damage, in accordance with the principle "security first" we have decided to store Definitions and projects in encrypted form by default.

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Improved troubleshooting in the FlowHeater Server

This version of the FlowHeater Server is enhanced with two powerful new functions that significantly improve the tracing of problems.
In the opening status tab window, the FlowHeater Server Manager now displays an alert when errors or warnings have occurred since the last opening. The alert remains until explicitly reset by the user. In addition, while the Server Manager is open the alert is dynamically updated. There are also different colors that distinguish between warnings and error messages: errors are highlighted with a red button and warnings with a yellow button. The totals of errors and warnings that have occurred are also displayed.

Furthermore, the display of history data has been extended with extensive filters and limitation criteria. It is now possible to search explicitly across all tasks, e.g. only for errors or warnings, and the search can be more precisely limited in time. This means that even errors and warnings from earlier periods can be analyzed without any problems.

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Improved debugging with single-step processing

debugging - troubleshootingdebugging - troubleshootingTroubleshooting and error tracing is greatly simplified by this improvement. Finding out why a field is not formatted as wanted or a result value is not what was expected has cost a lot of time in the past. This tedious task can now be substantially reduced using the new single-step processing (Debugging of Definitions) feature.

If a Definition does not run as expected you now only need to set a stopping point (Breakpoint) in the related Heater (function) and when the Definition is run in test mode processing it will stop at precisely this point and you can calmly inspect and analyse the input and output parameters, data types involved and further information about the process. Moreover, it is possible to proceed and inspect the next invocation of the Heater (function) for further analysis.

To activate a Breakpoint, hover the mouse over the Heater in the Designer, open the context menu with a right click and select the Breakpoint option. Thereafter the Heater is displayed with a dashed red circle in the Designer. Check it out for yourself. You will learn to love this function.

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FlowHeater Server logs invocation history

FlowHeater Server is now enhanced with another very useful function. There is now an option to record invocation history for each task the server performs. This makes it much easier to trace problems even in the case of tasks that were executed some time ago. It records the date and time at the start and end of each task invoked, as well as the details of each individual step, including run duration, result of the run (success, warning, error) and there is also an option to record the console output generated. The retention period for history logging can be individually configured in the server settings.

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