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MySQL Adapter supports login with SSL/TLS client certificate

As of this release, MySQL Adapter supports encrypted login to a MySQL database using SSL/TLS client certificates. An SSL/TLS certificate with private key is required. The necessary parameters such as public key, private key and certificate authority (CA) must be available as separate files in PEM format. If this is not the case, the data can be extracted from an existing PFX certificate file. OpenSSL, for example, can be used for this purpose.

Note: The MySQL database must of course be configured to support an SSL/TLS login.

Release notes for version 4.2.6 on January 29, 2022

FlowHeater Server – optimization of maintenance

By default, upon starting the service FlowHeater Server now performs maintenance of the internal server database. This ensures the database is consistent and deletes any expired entries to prevent the database from growing unnecessarily.

FlowHeater Server can now monitor hidden files

File monitoring in FlowHeater Server has been extended to make it possible to monitor hidden files. This feature is optional. The monitoring of hidden files must be explicitly selected and activated in the server task.

XML Adapter – optimized XPath readout

The XML Adapter now analyzes the specified XML file on the READ side for possible XPath expressions. By default, XPath expressions are analyzed for up to two sublevels or nodes. However, the analysis depth can be adjusted to read and export subnodes at a lower level in the XML file. The XPath expressions found can then be selected and the associated fields transferred to the XML Adapter in the Definition.

Designer – performance of the field list display improved

The display of fields in Designer has been optimized. Definitions with many fields are now displayed much faster and workflow is enhanced.

SubString Heater – support for FlowHeater Parameters

FlowHeater Parameters can now also be used in the SubString Heater for the start offset and length. This means that strings can now be dynamically extracted from field contents without resorting to programming with the .NET Script Heater.

CMD Heater extended

The CMD Heater has been extended with two powerful functions. First, external programs or scripts can be executed without waiting for termination. Second, it is now possible to define conditional execution via a FlowHeater Parameter. If this option is activated, the external program or script will only be executed if the defined FlowHeater Parameter has the Boolean value TRUE.

Corrections (bug fixes)

  • FlowHeater Server: Fixed connection issues related to VPN

  • FlowHeater Parameter: Now substitutes environment variables when no FlowHeater Parameters are available

  • Excel Adapter: Preview of the table on the READ page now shows more than just the first row