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Two new Heaters: IndexOf and Occur

This version includes two new Heaters for string processing. First, the IndexOf Heater with which you can determine the position of a character or series of characters within a string. Second, the Occur Heater by which you can count how often a character/sequence occurs within a string.

Release notes for version 4.2.7 on March 26, 2022

Unified Trim Heater

The three String Trim Heaters, TrimStart and TrimEnd, have been combined into one Heater. By default, space characters are removed from both the beginning and the end of a string. If this is not desired, the behavior can be changed in the settings. The options “Remove spaces at the beginning” and “Remove spaces at the end” are available there.

Designer option “mark all”

All elements of a processing step can now be selected in the Designer via the context menu. The marked elements can then be copied to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere or they can all be deleted.

.Net Script Heater, highlighting incorrect line

It often happens while script programming that a bracket, a semicolon, and so on are missing, or you make a typing error with a function name. Until now only the line in error was output. As of this version the line is highlighted in color within context so that the error can be resolved more comfortably.


Corrections (bug fixes)

  • XML Adapter: Running in Memory Mode is now possible.

  • XML Adapter: Erroneous export cured when no record name was specified (previously only one record was written).

  • CMD Heater: The initial option "Do not show window" can now be selected (previously it was only available after reopening the settings).

  • GroupBy Heater: Can now be used together with Filter Heater (previously this was a problem).

  • Databank Adapters: User-defined SQL commands for connection establishment are now saved.