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Optimizations, fixes and announcing the REST/JSON Adapters

This version introduces a number of optimizations, improvements and minor fixes. It also establishes a foundation for the soon to be available REST API and JSON Adapters. These Adapters can be used to process JSON files and structures or to invoke HTTP REST API functions. Both Adapters are presently still in ALPHA and for this reason are not included in the official release. If you want to test these Adapters you need to use the current developer BETA version.

Note: You are welcome to actively participate in the development and communicate your wishes and suggestions. We look forward to you taking part.

Warning: these Adapters are strictly for test purposes and are not suitable for processing live data.

Release notes for version 4.3.9 on January 14, 2023

Initial reading of XML files optimized

The preliminary reading in the XML Adapter of the existing XML file/structure has been optimized when creating a new Definition.

Improved ODBC driver support in the Access Adapter

In Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) no Access (.accdb or .accde) OleDB drivers are installed by default for accessing these Access database types. The only workaround for this problem was to install alternative ODBC drivers using the Microsoft 365 Access runtime. As of this version, the Access Adapter is now able to handle such situations.

FlowHeater Server – new filter option for task display

In the task overview of FlowHeater Server it is now possible to filter the tasks displayed. This helps provide a clearer overview in large installations where there are many server tasks.

Corrections (bug fixes)

  • FlowHeater Server: The file names that are generated could previously only be output in an email notification for "File Monitoring" tasks.

  • FlowHeater Server: In a "File Monitoring" task, now checks whether the triggered file still exists before execution is started.

  • FlowHeater Server: It was previously not possible to send or configure separate email notifications for “only” warnings.

  • DaysDiff Heater: The calculated difference for the number of months between dates previously gave the wrong result.