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New: Modulo Heater

The Modulo Heater is used to determine the remainder when dividing by a number. For the value returned you can decide whether or not it should include decimal places.

Release notes for version 4.2.8 on August 27, 2022

DaysDiff Heater - now also supports months and years

The difference between dates using the DaysDiff Heater can now optionally return the result in months and years.

InMemory Adapter - optimization for the deletion of fields

The InMemory Adapter can be dynamically populated with database fields, but the deletion of fields did not work so well, especially for Definitions with several processing steps. This version corrects this by optimizing the deletion of fields from InMemory Adapter tables.

SQLite Adapter with FlowHeater Parameters

The SQLite Adapter now also supports FlowHeater Parameters for Definitions that contain several processing steps. The parameters can also be generated dynamically in upstream processing steps.

String Replace Heater – limit replace to start or end

The String Replace Heater can now be limited to replacing only at the beginning or end of a string.

Counting down in the AutoID Heater

The AutoID Heater can now count down over the number of records to be duplicated in conjunction with the GroupOut Heater. This means the end of a group can be detected by means of an IF-THEN-ELSE condition (counter = 1).

Enhancement of FlowHeater Server notifications

FlowHeater Server variables (placeholders) can now also be used in the email subject line of notifications generated by FlowHeater Server. At present, the variables available are: {TRIGGER-FILENAME} and {CREATED-FILENAMES} or {CREATED-FILENAME-[X]}. If the e-mails are to be sent encrypted with TLS, you can now specify which TLS version to use.

System Heater can now return data types and field names

As of this version, the System Heater can return the field name (READ side only) and the current incoming FlowHeater data type.

Corrections (bug fixes)

  • Runtime Designer: initialization when amending RUNTIME definitions, all Adapters are now properly displayed

  • Designer: minor corrections regarding initialization of the display of multiple processing steps

  • Database Adapters in general: correction when exporting VIEWs that return duplicate field names

  • GroupOut Heater: now correctly copies field contents with subnodes


Release notes for version 4.2.9 on November 5, 2022

Corrections regarding online activation and TLS encryption