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Batch processing with encrypted Parameter passing

FlowHeater has supported Parameters since version 2.2.0 to enable dynamic import/export Definitions. This makes it possible to develop a Definition with alternative connection parameters for a testing environment and to be able to run the Definition without change in a production environment using the Batch Module.

To do this, the Parameter defined is temporarily redefined by a command line option: “/SetParameter Name=Value”. The problem with this until now is that it meant openly passing passwords on the command line. As of this version, FlowHeater supports an option to pass encrypted parameters.

To enable the encrypted passing of parameters, they must first be uniquely enciphered using a Parameter popup window or the “/Crypt [Value]” option of the Batch Module. The output of this is subsequently passed to the Batch Module using an option such as “/SetParameter:Crypt PARAMETER_NAME=3kkhRfeLlQQ##”. This way automated Batch import/export processing can be run securely even with passwords.


Here is a short animated example


Release notes for version 3.3.2 on February 3, 2014

Summary of changes

  • Batch Module with encrypted Parameter passing, e.g. for passwords

  • Batch Module with Parameter encryption option “/Crypt [Value]

  • Parameter popup with encryption option

  • When a Parameter is used to specify the password for a database connection configuration, the Parameter Name is revealed openly.

  • TextFile Adapter – Maximum column widths now limit the size of CSV data columns. When the CSV data exceeds the specified field width, the content is automatically truncated to the size of the field. Additional processing using the SubString Heater is no longer necessary.

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle Adapters now also allow a specified TCP port for establishing the database connection by a FlowHeater Parameter.