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Optimized Calculations of Date and Time

In addition to implementing several improvements, this version notably extends the date and time calculations of "Now" and "DaysDiff" Heaters (Functions) with further flexibility.

Release notes for version 4.0.4 on June 25, 2016

All Changes

  • The Now Heater can optionally return the date and time based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

  • It is now possible to take account of specific days for differences calculated by the DaysDiff Heater. For example, it makes it easy to count how many Mondays there are in a given date range or to calculate the working days available in the period. Optionally a list of specific dates (such as public holidays) can be specified for exclusion as working days in the calculation.

  • The SQL Server Adapter has tested successfully with the new Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

  • It is now possible to move fields with drag and drop in the Designer. On the READ side this function is generally automatically activated or deactivated according to the Adapter selected. On the WRITE it is generally possible to move fields around with the mouse. One exception is the XML Adapter, which is presently undergoing improvement.

  • Improved Configurator for the XML Adapter. Similar to moving Designer fields with drag and drop, the Configurator popup of the XML Adapter also allows them to be reordered.

  • Cloning of Adapter settings, including all field information and connections. In the Designer it is now possible to copy entirely an existing Adapter configuration using the Adapter command "Clone READ | WRITE  settings". The  Configurator popup allows you to determine precisely what it copied and, when copying the fields, whether they should be automatically connected.

  • For company license keys it is now possible to activate the license for all users of the computer.

Bug Fixes

  • Designer: It was previously possible to create false field connections (Pipes) with drag and drop under certain combinations of circumstances.

  • TextFile Adapter: With dynamic CSV column recognition activated when not every row contained the expected number of CSV columns, an import run would terminate with the error message: “The index exceeded array bounds.” The problem has now been fixed, in such a case this version will simply issue a warning.

  • Access Adapter: Auto Increment fields were sometimes not correctly detected when reading the schema information.