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AutoID Heater with incremental counter for groups of input values

The AutoID Heater has been extended with a powerful new function. Consecutive numbers (Auto IDs) can now be generated during a series of identical input parameter values. The count is reset with the first different input parameter value and continues to increment until the next change of input value. Unlike the “GroupBy (Heater)” this function does not summarize (group) the records on the WRITE side, but instead outputs them one to one.

Release notes for version 4.0.2 on April 16, 2016

Database Adapters: optimized data type conversion warnings

Previously if the incoming value could not be converted to the required value according to the format settings then data type conversion warning messages were output per field and record. This action remains the case. What is new in this version is that when the incoming value is an empty string and the SQL field permits NULL or DBNULL values then this field is regarded as not set and no warning is generated. In this case the field obtains the default value defined in the database or alternatively NULL or DBNULL.

Further changes

  •  64-bit Setup with verification whether the underlying OS supports 64-bit apps.

  • Improved update checking. Links lead directly to the appropriate Release Notes. In addition, a notice is displayed in the info area that indicates whether or not the present version can be used free of charge.

  • Improved password security. It is no longer possible to guess passwords from their encrypted values.

  • Beta testing of the XML Adapter is now complete. The XML Adapter can now be used in production environments. Although it is still only possible to process “flat” XML structures. You will find some examples of what is possible here: General example of processing XML files

 Bug fixes

  •  Sort Heater used with the Excel Adapter on the READ side.  A sorting error previously occurred with Excel lists when the column to be sorted contained different data types.

  • The Adapters for SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL now display the databases available in alphabetic order.

  • The SQL script generated Oracle Adapter output with the “set define off” option. Oracle’s data entry dialog previously inhibited manually running the generated SQL script in cases when the “&” symbol (ampersand) occurred in data to be inserted. The normal processing via FlowHeater was and is not affected.