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FlowHeater Server logs invocation history

FlowHeater Server is now enhanced with another very useful function. There is now an option to record invocation history for each task the server performs. This makes it much easier to trace problems even in the case of tasks that were executed some time ago. It records the date and time at the start and end of each task invoked, as well as the details of each individual step, including run duration, result of the run (success, warning, error) and there is also an option to record the console output generated. The retention period for history logging can be individually configured in the server settings.

Release notes for version 4.1.5 on June 8, 2019

Further changes

Excel Adapter – support for image import

As of this version the Excel Adapter supports the import of images/graphics in or over specific Excel cells. Warning: This feature should still be considered only “alpha”, further functions require implementing in order to realize this feature fully. Please enter requests/remarks to contribute ideas for improvement in the free Excel support forum.

FlowHeater Server – file monitoring triggered by file renaming

As a possible “file monitoring task” the FlowHeater Server now also supports detection of renamed files and triggers running of the configured task. This option is especially interesting for situations in which a program first writes to a “temporary” filename and on completion renames it. It is now possible to monitor file changes of this kind with the FlowHeater Server easily.

Batch Module – support for “?” as wildcard for file transfers

The Batch Module can now handle wildcard specs containing the “?” symbol. Previously only “*”was possible as a wildcard placeholder for data transfer specification with the /ReadFileName and /WriteFileName options.

Batch Module – handover of filenames in different processing steps

The Batch Module now supports the handover of filenames with the /ReadFileName and /WriteFileName options to different processing steps as well as Adapters. The normal usage sets as before on the READ side the first Adapter in the first processing step and on the WRITE side the first Adapter in the last processing step. What is new is that the /ReadFileName and /WriteFileName options can be extended to allow specification of processing step and Adapter numbers respectively.
e.g. both options /WriteFileName:2 and /WriteFileName:2:1 specify the second processing step and the first Adapter.
We have ideas entered in the German support forum to thank for this idea: batch processing with multiple processing steps.

All database Adapters – display of “Primary Key” fields

The database fields defined as “Primary Key” for UPDATE and DELETE can no longer be hidden in the Designer window. In the past, inadvertent hiding of these fields often led to protracted and sometimes bizarre error tracing. This modification should eliminate this source of error.

All database Adapters – support for deleting records

As of this version all available database Adapters allow the deletion of records. The “Primary Key” defined is used for the DELETE action, just like that previously used for an “UPDATE”. Note: this function cannot be used in combination with the “INSERT” or “UPDATE” actions!


  • FlowHeater Server – a problem with the removal of file monitoring tasks has been solved. It is no longer necessary to restart the server.

  • Excel Adapter – the error reported in cases where no filename was specified on the WRITE side has been corrected.

  • InMemory Adapter – the result display is now given as “read only”. No changes can be made to the data reported.

  • InMemory Adapter – initial InMemory tables are now created as “standard tables”.

  • InMemory Adapter – problems with key fields when these do not begin with a letter. In such cases no warning will now be output.

  • All database Adapters – problems with preview of data on the READ side are solved. You can read more information about this under the German support forum entry: Error when carrying out the operation

  • Batch Module – corrections to the specification of relative paths. Please make sure you test previously created Definitions before going live!