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Oracle Adapter supports spaces in field names

Although rare in Oracle field names, when spaces did crop up they were more than irritating, because they prevented the whole table from being read or written with the Oracle Adapter. As of this version field/column names containing spaces are processed normally by the Oracle Adapter. This feature is automatically applied, no configuration change is needed to enable it.

Release notes for version 4.0.1 on December 15, 2015

Configurable SQL field separators in all database adapters

This feature was previously only available in the adapters for ODBC and OleDB. Now it is available in all database adapters by specifying the "Field Separators" property in the Designer that defines the characters to be used as separator for SQL fields. By default when creating a new Definition the standard SQL field separators that apply to the selected adaptor are preset.

Writing UTF text files without BOM (byte order mark)

Programs that are not fully or only partially UTF (Unicode) capable have a problem with the initial bytes of a UTF file and instead display special characters for these that cannot be properly processed and so cause subsequent difficulties. A new option in the Advanced tab of the Configurator of the TextFile Adapter now enables you to inhibit output of a byte order mark (BOM) when writing UTF (Unicode) text files.

BugFix: RUNTIME Designer

An error that occurred during initialization of RUNTIME 4 Definitions in the Freeware Version has been solved.

Release notes for version on December 27, 2015

  • Minor modification related to .NET Framework legacy support

Release notes for version on January 9, 2016

  • Round Heater: Improved figures rounding functionality
  • Setup with Windows 8/10 SmartScreen Filter Support