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Excel and TextFile Adapters with dynamic column recognition

This version extends FlowHeater with more powerful features. One of the most important of these is the possibility to dynamically allocate CSV or Excel data to the correct fields by its column headings. Until now the field/column in a Definition was determined purely by the sequence of columns. When subsequently attempting to read an Excel worksheet or CSV text file with a different sequence of data columns to that originally defined, the column data would be misallocated. This version enables you to handle this situation without the need to modify the Definition for the import of CSV text files or Excel documents by using dynamic column assignment.


Release notes for version 3.3.4 on May 9, 2014

Summary of changes


TextFile Adapter - READ side with dynamic column recognition

CSV text files with a column heading row can now be imported with the CSV data in various column sequences without necessitating changes to the CSV import Definition. The TextFile Adapter will automatically allocate the CSV columns to the correct fields.


TextFile Adapter – support for http:// resource locations

The TextFile Adapter now supports on the READ side the direct entry of http:// or https:// file resource locations. In this way CSV files and other text data can be directly input from a web server without downloading them locally by hand.


TextFile Adapter – optional checking of column delimiter character inside quotation marks

Until now there has been no option to control this feature, which remains the default action. This version makes it possible to disable testing for embedded column delimiters, to permit CSV text files with fields surrounded by quotation marks that themselves contain embedded quotation marks. In this case the CSV columns are determined solely by inspection of CSV column delimiter characters without reference to quotation marks.
Example CSV: "1";"2 with "quotation marks in content"";"3";"..."


TextFile Adapter – improved performance of preview

The preview feature in the Text File Configurator display is now much faster. In particular previews of CSV text files with very long rows are displayed in significantly less time.


TextFile Adapter – suppression of empty header and footer lines

Using the new option “Suppress writing empty header and footer rows” you can control whether empty header or footer lines are output or not.


Excel Adapter - READ side with dynamic column recognition

Excel spreadsheets with column headings can now dynamically assign column data in a different sequence to the original Excel import Definition. The Excel Adapter will automatically allocate the data to the correct fields.


Bug fix: Runtime Designer – Saving of delivered Definitions

A problem was fixed in the saving of an amended “Runtime Definition” with the Freeware Version.