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Support for vCard (contact data) text files

vCards are electronic business cards that are typically imported and exported from the address books of email client software. As of this version, FlowHeater now provides explicit support for vCard text files in addition to the general reading and writing of similar line-based (order independent) text data files. FlowHeater also supports the image data that may possibly be embedded in a vCard.

For an example of how vCard data can be processed see: Import and export of vCard files.


Release notes for version 3.3.0 on December 2, 2013

Summary of changes

  • TextFile Adapter now also supports line-based text files, e.g. vCard files.

  • SqlServer Adapter now supports Auto Increment (IDENTITY) inserts. For an example of how it works and what to watch out for with Auto Value Inserts see: SQL Server Import IDENTITY (Auto Increment) fields

  • SQLite Adapter now supports UTF8 and UTF16. By default UTF8 is used.

  • The TextFile Adapter now also supports multiple-line field content in CSV text files and automatically allocates the data to the correct (previous) CSV row. When the individual columns are quoted with a separator character, then line breaks could theoretically occur in any CSV column, otherwise they are possible for all CSV columns except the last CSV column. Note: The option to permit this treatment needs to be explicitly checked in the TextFile Adapter advanced settings.

  • TextFile Adapter now has an improved preview. The window size can now be maximized. It is also now possible to switch between the list view (default) and the native/original view.

  • AutoTrimFields. A new function that is now available in all Adapters. When this option is checked, space characters at the beginning and end of a string are automatically removed (stripped). Previously each field needed to be individually processed with the String Trim Heater in order to strip the redundant space characters. The option is especially useful when reading columns of text files with fixed field widths and database fields that are padded out with space characters (e.g. CHAR, NCHAR).

  • All database Adapters: An additional tab "Advanced" is now available in the Configurator, containing extended settings. Parameters such as connection/command timeout and database transaction behavior are specified here.

  • All database Adapters: The default value for database connection timeout is reduced to 5 seconds.

  • Bug fixes for the simultaneous use of grouping and Set/Get Parameter functions.