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Filter duplicated entries out

Release notes for version 2.4.0 on July 23, 2012


Filter duplicates records out
Filter duplicates records out

Filter duplicated entries out

The Filter Heater has been extended to provide a powerful new function. Repeated (duplicate) records or rows in the READ data source can now be filtered out with the Filter Heater. And in order to detect duplicate record/rows the data source does not need to be sorted!


Skipping empty lines

A further useful function has been added to the TextFile Adapter to ignore empty lines when reading (importing) text files (CSV, TXT, Flat File).


Bug Fix: Adapter changeover

When an Adapter within an existing Definition was swapped (e.g. changing the MySQL Adapter to the SQL Server Adapter) some of the initial parameters for the new Adapter were incorrectly set and under certain circumstances this resulted in the Definition being unusable for import/export.


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