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  • MySQL Adapter with improved UTF8 (Unicode) support

MySQL Adapter with improved UTF8 (Unicode) support

Release notes for version 1.1.8 on Jun 12, 2010



  • MySQL Adapter with improved UTF8 (Unicode) support
    The UTF8 (Unicode) import/export/update in MySQL Server tables now also functions with MySQL database servers that are incorrectly configured. Note: UTF8 / Unicode character sets are only supported by MySQL Server versions of 5 and above.


Bug fixes

  • Updates with Access Adapter and a date field in the primary key
    The Access Adapter had a problem that updates of tables where the primary key contained a date field could not be executed. The symptom was that the operation would abort and report “Runtime error 3464 - Data type mismatch”.
  • Excel Adapter usage with Batch Module and Office 2007
    When a Definition using the Excel Adapter were executed under the Batch Module and Excel 2007 was installed on the computer, in many cases the Excel process was not cleanly closed after processing ended.