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Process all excel worksheets

9 years 4 months ago #2289 by Heinz
Process all excel worksheets was created by Heinz
Hi there,

How do I go about processing more than 1 worksheet in an Excel adaptor?
I set up the processing rules for 1 worksheet, but would like to specify how to process the other sheets in the same file.

So lets say I have sheet A,B,C,D,E,F - sheets B,C and E contain data that I want to process in a similair way, I could use the value of worksheet to add some logic where required, but I would still need the process to cycle through all the sheets.

Or should I open the file multiple times?

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9 years 4 months ago #2290 by FlowHeater-Team
Replied by FlowHeater-Team on topic Process all excel worksheets
Hi Heinz,

Currently FlowHeater doesn’t supports processing more than one Excel sheets at once, but this is a nice feature and I will integrate this function in a further version.

To make this work a bit easier you could use FlowHeater Parameters . For example go to the menu option "Edit->Parameters" and create a new Parameter "SHEET". For testing in the Designer you should also define a default value. This parameter you can use in the Excel READ Adapter for the Excel Worksheet name. Here you have to use $SHEET$.

Now you can use the FlowHeater Batch Module to export more Excel sheet at once by using the following CMD script.
@echo off REM adapt the following to the actual path of FHBatch.exe set FHBATCH="C:\Program Files (x86)\FlowHeater V3\BIN\FHBatch.exe" REM Export Excel Sheet B %FHBATCH% /SetParameter SHEET=B export-excel-sheet-with-parameter.fhd REM Export Excel Sheet C %FHBATCH% /SetParameter SHEET=C export-excel-sheet-with-parameter.fhd REM Export Excel Sheet E %FHBATCH% /SetParameter SHEET=E export-excel-sheet-with-parameter.fhd REM and so on...

Best wishes
Robert Stark

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