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Improved troubleshooting in the FlowHeater Server

This version of the FlowHeater Server is enhanced with two powerful new functions that significantly improve the tracing of problems.
In the opening status tab window, the FlowHeater Server Manager now displays an alert when errors or warnings have occurred since the last opening. The alert remains until explicitly reset by the user. In addition, while the Server Manager is open the alert is dynamically updated. There are also different colors that distinguish between warnings and error messages: errors are highlighted with a red button and warnings with a yellow button. The totals of errors and warnings that have occurred are also displayed.

Furthermore, the display of history data has been extended with extensive filters and limitation criteria. It is now possible to search explicitly across all tasks, e.g. only for errors or warnings, and the search can be more precisely limited in time. This means that even errors and warnings from earlier periods can be analyzed without any problems.

Release notes for version 4.1.7 on February 15, 2020

Further changes

InMemory Adapter with support for “select count(*) …”

With this extension, the SQL Heater can now be used to determine at runtime the number of existing records in InMemory tables of the InMemory Adapter. The SQL command also supports an optional WHERE clause, to determine only the number of data records of a certain type. e.g. select count(*) from [InMemory table name] where [fieldname] = 1000

Stop Heater enhancements

The Stop Heater has been extended with two further options. You can now define whether only the current processing step or the entire process should be terminated. In addition, the Stop Heater now allows you to set the "exit code" also called "return code". This can be used to trigger alternative post-processing steps when using the Batch Module and FlowHeater Server.

Columns are now optional in the Excel Adapter

If the Excel Adapter works with dynamic column recognition, some columns can now be defined that are only optionally available. For these columns, no warning will be thrown if they are not found in the Excel worksheet.

Updated third-party database drivers

The database drivers for the MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and SQLite Adaptors have been updated.

Multiline descriptions in .NET Script Heater

The .NET Script Heater configurator now supports new lines and tabs in the descriptions. This makes it possible to write the descriptive texts so they are much easier to read.

Corrections (bug fixes)

XML Adapter: Correction to the WRITE side (export) in cases when there is no content or attributes available for a node.

TextFile Adapter : Automatic detection of Unicode/UTF Codepage no longer resets the Codepage to the default Windows ANSI Codepage when no Unicode or UTF Codepage is recognized.

InMemory Adapter: Problems solved with renaming fields and the use of several internal InMemory tables. Correction of the update function with InMemory tables when apostrophe characters were present in the field content.

FlowHeater Server: Display of task execution history from/to reversed.