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New functions for string extraction

This version adds powerful flexibility to the String Split Heater and SubString Heater. The String Split Heater can now optionally index the substrings in reversed sequence, starting with the last substring. In the SubString Heater you are now able to extract substrings enclosed by delimiter strings. Previously it was only possible to extract a substring by specifying a fixed starting position and length within the string.

Note: The notation of starting position has been simplified for “Return column” in the Split Heater and “Start offset” in the SubString Heater. These now both commence with “1” to denote the first position, rather than their previous “0” values. This will make it more intuitive for users unfamiliar with programming. The existing settings of Definition files are automatically upgraded to comply with this change.


Release notes for version 3.2.0 on October 12, 2013

Summary of changes

  • String Split Heater has an additional option to reverse the "Return column" sequence. Warning: Return column 1 is now the first (or last when reversed); see note above.
  • SubString Heater can now additionally extract substrings between two delimiter strings. Warning: Start offset 1 now denotes the first character; see note above.
  • Improved navigation for locating online help pages and FlowHeater Designer example pages.
  • Problem fixed: FlowHeater Designer no longer crashes when saving to a path with insufficient permissions or read-only rights.