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New export option for the TextFile Adapter

Release notes for version 2.2.6 on April 10, 2012


New export option for the TextFile Adapter

The TextFile Adapter has supported appending to existing text files on the WRITE side (export) for some time. Until now column field names were never added a second time to an existing text file. As of this version you can specify, in the case of appending to an existing file, whether column headings should be suppressed or not.


Amended Parameter assignment sequence

Parameters will now always be assigned prior to all other Heater (function) processing. This means placeholder values also can be used in IF-THEN-ELSE conditions, for example when they are needed as a filter condition.


.NET Script Heater test mode flag

It is now possible to test whether or not a Definition is being executed in test mode in the .NET Script Heater by using the property TestMode. The property can be directly referenced within a script.


public object DoWork()

  string msg = String.Empty;

  if (TestMode == true)
    msg = "Definition is running in test mode";
    msg = "Definition is NOT running in test mode";

  return msg;