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MS Office 2010 (Excel and Access) support

Release notes for version 1.2.2 on September 07, 2010



  • MS Office 2010 (Excel and Access) support
    All testing has resulted in success, so we are happy to confirm that FlowHeater supports MS Excel spreadsheets and MS Access databases of the latest Office 2010 version.
  • Excel Adapter supports 32 bit and 64 bit Excel 2010 installations
    The Excel Adapter requires Excel to be installed locally on the computer in order to import/export Excel spreadsheets. The new Office 2010 can be optionally installed as a 64 bit version, although FlowHeater is presently only issued in a 32 bit version. Nevertheless, the Excel Adapter in FlowHeater works properly with a 64 bit Office/Excel installation. Note that the Access Adapter does not require an Office/Access installation in order to connect to Access databases.


Bug fixes

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