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Up to 100,000 records can be processed with the freeware version!

Bug fixed: CSV text delimiter

Release notes for version 1.2.0 on August 02, 2010



  • Integrating external .NET DLLs into the .NET Script Heater
    In this way the functionality of FlowHeater can be extended almost as much as you like. The functions/methods/classes of external .NET DLLs can be dynamically  integrated and invoked with the help of the .NET Script Heater. A brief introductory example of doing this can be downloaded here.


Bug fixes

  • TextFile Adapter: Selection of the CSV text delimiters was not possible
    Until now, only the predefined CSV text delimiters could be selected and used in the Configurator of the TextFile Adapter. On selection of user-defined CSV text delimiter, no entry of a delimiter string was previously possible, because the input field was deactivated.