Dynamic data import / export


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Up to 100,000 records can be processed with the freeware version!

Freeware version available!

Release notes for version 1.1.0 on Feb 1, 2010



  • Registered users (private and business) receive a cost-free Freeware License with which up to 10,000 records or rows can be processed / imported / exported or updated. Each license is presently valid for 90 days and can be renewed when it runs out; subject to modification. Compare the product differences between versions here.


Bug fixes

  • A few translation corrections for the English version.

  • Problems with the standard date format for differing locales are fixed.

  • If in the WRITE Adapter the first field is masked out, so that in Designer it is not shown, this Definition produces no results in the mass data mode.

  • TestData Adapter: If the number of test records to generate is chosen as less than the registered Freeware license limitation, the maximum number of test data rows is nevertheless generated.