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See also the existing examples of using the MySQL Adapter Adapter, which may answer your question: CSV text file import , data migrating , exporting only new records
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mysql blob and varbinary fields 9 years 10 months ago #2131

i am trying to move from mysql to ms sql server and i have blob and varbinary fields to move to varbinaary in sql server. when i try to import into ms sql server the binary fields which do not allow nulls i am erroring out saying can not insert null values. mysql varbinary field is not null also

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Re:mysql blob and varbinary fields 9 years 9 months ago #2132

Hi Brent,

The problem is, that FlowHeater handle the SQL data types (blobs, images, varbinary, …) as internal FlowHeater RAW data type!

NOTE: All other FlowHeater data types can handle inserts and/or updates! Please have a look to: FlowHeater data types

The reason is, FlowHeater generate for the internal RAW data type only SQL update statement, because FlowHeater doesn’t create for these data type the update statements by himself, the update statements are built by the database driver to connect to.

There are two possible ways to do this.
  1. You have to change the field settings and allow NULL for this field in the SQL Server database.
  2. Add a default value for this field (0x0) in the SQL Server database.
For both above you can use the SQL Server Management Studio.
Best wishes
Robert Stark

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