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Get/Set Parameter 1 year 1 month ago #3615

Attached is a screenshot of an inventory export definition.  It’s for a new, very small, customer with only two items.  The export runs from batch every night at 9PM.  This particular definition is creating two files.  In the definition I define CODE from a text field in the customer’s table to help identify the profile.  I use this in naming the exported file…’$DIR$\Inventory_Xport\$FileName$’.  I added the FileName to the last column of Step 3 of 3 to view the results.  The CODE is not included in the FileName on the first row.  No rush I have a work around, they only have the one profile.

First row:                       _Inventory_20210519.csv
Second row:    UCPCOM_Inventory_20210519.csv

There should be only one file UCPCOM_Inventory_20210519.csv.
I’ve been using the same process for our customers for a long time, this is a first.
Can you explain what’s going on and how I can address it? 

Thanks JD

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Last edit: by JD Cox.

Get/Set Parameter 1 year 1 month ago #3616

Hi JD,

I guess the reason why is the processing order. You cannot specify when a Heater should be executed. Of course SET Parameter Heater processed first but in case you use more SET Parameter Heater they will processed in the order you moved this on the Designer .

You can solve this on two ways:

1)    Delete the SET Parameter Heater marked as (1) and move this one again onto the Designer. Afterwards this Heater will be executed after the SET Parameter Heater marked as (2)

2)    You do not need the SET/GET Parameter Heater for the field “CODE”. You can connect the content directly to the String Append Heater .

PS: In a further version it´s planned to rearrange the processing order of each Heater.

Best wishes
Robert Stark

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Get/Set Parameter 1 year 1 month ago #3617

Thanks Robert, I know there’s a lot of unnecessary GET/SET Parameters.  It’s a copy of another definition where I need them.  But, option one took care of the problem and helped me understand how to control the execution order of SET Parameters. As always thanks for your help, JD

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