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Excel Adapter Filename 9 years 1 month ago #2287

Hi there,

I am using the following script to get the read (input) filename:

public object DoWork()
// get access to the READ TextFile Adapter
TextFileAdapter adapter = (TextFileAdapter)AdapterRead;

// return the filename for further processing
return Path.GetFileName(adapter.Filename);

It works for TextFileAdapters, for ExcelAdapter, I cast to the ExcelAdapter, but I then get an error that the "Filename" property is not available on the ExcelAdapter.

Is there a different propertyname?

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Re:Excel Adapter Filename 9 years 1 month ago #2288

hi heinz,

yes, the excel adapter uses a different property name for this. you have to use "workbook" instead of "filename".

you can find out the valid property names by using the adapter property view in the designer . please have a look to the attachment.

Best wishes
Robert Stark

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