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Microsoft Azure SQL databases supported

Microsoft Azure SQL databases supportedMicrosoft Azure SQL databases supportedAs of this version, optimizations have been made to the MS SQL Server Adapter that now offers optimal support for Microsoft Azure "Cloud" SQL databases. The SSL/TLS encrypted connection options can now be configured to enable this. Furthermore, you can now specify whether or not an SSL/TLS server certificate should be used to check for validity. This option is useful for local MS SQL servers, where no official server certificates are used, to continue being able to use encrypted communications with an MS SQL server.

Note: Certificate checking should only be disabled for trusted local MS SQL servers. Of course, for Microsoft Azure "Cloud" SQL databases this option should never be enabled.

Release notes for version 4.2.4 on April 10, 2021

Further enhancements

  • no further changes

Corrections (bug fixes)

  • FlowHeater Server GUI: With "live" logging enabled, the output is now truncated after 10 MB instead of after 15 MB.