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MySQL Adapter with zero DateTime support

Release notes for version 1.2.8 on December 6, 2010


MySQL Adapter with zero DateTime support

The MySQL Adapter in this version of FlowHeater now supports zero values (00.00.0000) in DateTime fields. Previously such DateTime values were interpreted as DBNULL/NULL values by FlowHeater. Depending on the MySQL server configuration, in many cases this resulted in the import/export process terminating with an error message. The latest version allows you to import and export DateTime values of zero without any problems.

Bug fix: TestData Adapter / TestData Heater

DateTime values stored were sometimes displayed wrongly depending on the format string entered in the configuration popup (only for TestData Adapter/TestData Heater). The problem only appeared if the short date format defined in the system configuration was not the full 10 characters.

Note: Despite this the actual generated random DateTime values were always correct.