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Improved support for NULL database values

Release notes for version 1.2.6 on November 8, 2010


Improved support for NULL database values

Previously FlowHeater would only write the database values NULL or DBNULL when they were explicitly assigned with the NULL Heater. If a DBNULL value from a database table were imported into another, the resulting SQL Insert statement would not include the field and so it would obtain the default field value defined for the table. However, when a default value is lacking for the table field an automatic value of NULL or DBNULL would result. This approach was OK for Insert, but for Update statements it often led to confusion. If in cases where fields could contain NULL or DBNULL on the READ side with an Update, these had to be laboriously attached IF-THEN-ELSE conditions field-by-field and the NULL Heater assigned in each case. This procedure is no longer necessary with the latest release. NULL or DBNULL values are now transferred from the READ to the WRITE side verbatim.

.NET Script Heater with Regular Expressions

With this version you can use the power of regular expressions (regex) with the .NET Script Heater. For a first simple example please have a look to the support forum post "Removal of unprintable characters".